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Class IV K Laser Therapy Northern Colorado

K-Laser SkeletonClass IV K-Laser Therapy Northern Colorado

The Revolutionary K-Laser

Benchmark Medical Group remains a leader of cutting-edge technology with the introduction of Class IV K-Laser Therapy to Northern Colorado—one of only four clinics in the state to offer this amazing, pain-eliminating technology that also offers significant improvement in many other conditions.

The FDA cleared, new generation, Class IV laser, called “K-Laser” is literally thousands of times more powerful than its predecessor the Class III laser, allowing it to penetrate far deeper, producing phenomenal results with fewer and faster treatments. While the Class III laser penetrated only a few millimeters, the Class IV Laser can penetrate over 4 inches deep into muscular skeletal tissue.

Treatments take just a few minutes, however the therapeutic effects continue to soothe and heal long after you’ve left the office.

The Class IV K-Laser is the first to use dual simultaneous infrared wavelengths. The Class IV laser’s dual frequencies of continuous wave and modulation allow one laser beam to penetrate deeper to heal deep tissue, while the other aids in pain relief with amazing results. Now, both chronic and acute conditions can be addressed like never before!

Each treatment is quick, drug-free, non-surgical, non-addictive, side effect-free and completely pain-free.

Class IV K-Laser Therapy treatment increases circulation, drawing water, oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area resulting in reduced inflammation, swelling and muscle spasm, stiffness and pain. This Laser Therapy is proven to bio-stimulate tissue growth and repair.

The K-Laser energizes damaged cells to provide faster healing and increases circulation to the painful area, promoting a cascade of healing responses in your body, thereby decreasing inflammation and reducing or even eliminating your pain.

Five to ten treatments with this powerful laser is all it takes to realize life-changing results.

K-Laser IV Therapy Promotes: Resulting Benefits:
Increased Micro-Circulation Deeper penetration
Immune Stimulation Detoxification
Muscle Relaxation Accelerated Healing
Improved Joint Flexibility Restored Function
Inflammation Reduction
Improved Vascular Activity
Accelerated Cell Reproduction and Growth
Stimulation of Nerve Regeneration
Increased Metabolic Activity

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Watch this video on YouTube.

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