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At the Benchmark Medical Group...

We improve quality of life by looking at the whole person,
not just the parts, beginning with discovery through advanced diagnostics.
We promote healing with a multi-faceted, high-tech approach,
all while nurturing a deep personal connection.
We restore the quality of life you deserve to enjoy.

Benchmark Medical Group is a fully integrated medical facility which combines safe, effective, and minimally invasive therapies with cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate the body’s natural strengthening and healing process. We pride ourselves on remaining constantly inquiry driven, basing our findings upon advanced diagnostics, and striving to compliment conventional approaches with an integrative approach while continually developing new paradigms.

We take a total health approach characterized by a partnership between the patient and practitioner. We simultaneously take the whole person into account including all factors that influence health, wellness, and disease, including the mind and body (physical symptoms), the spirit, as well as all aspects of lifestyle with an emphasis on their interconnected relationship to the whole.

Our practitioners have a variety of expertise, and together they collectively develop a personalized, customized treatment plan which they continually re-evaluate to determine the right path for your specific journey toward the life you deserve; one that is more fulfilling, free from pain, and full of vitality.

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Windsor Spine and Wellness Center

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Rehabilitative services overview

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Windsor Spine Center Testimonial

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Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor, CO

At Benchmark Medical Group we incorporate multiple disciplines, extensive education and cutting-edge technologies to help patients find relief as well as restore youth and vitality.

Through our multi-discipline, state-of-the-art rehabilitative approach we aid our patients in improving their body’s physiological state by

  • Increasing Human Growth Hormone (hGH) by using the PowerplateTM
  • Increasing Serotonin,
  • Improving strength,
  • Decreasing neck pain, back pain, headaches and multiple joint pains
  • Decrease stiffness, muscle soreness and general aches and pains
  • Increasing mobility,
  • Improving circulation
  • Achieving amazing body fat-loss through our unique and award winning administration of a medical weight-loss program.
  • Decreasing Cortisol with PowerplateTM Physical Therapy
  • Improving spinal structure, thus improving nervous system function
  • Education to achieve optimal health and healing
  • Providing alternatives to standard treatments

Serving Northern Colorado: Windsor, Greeley, Fort Collins, and Loveland
1180 Main Street, Suite 7
Windsor, CO 80550

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